Our preschool program serves children ages 2 through first grade. We have four classrooms with a child to teacher ratio of approximately 7:1. Our extended day program provides care for children until 5pm every day. Children in our program stay two or three years depending on their age and move onto kindergarten when they are eligible. 

Every day includes inside and outside play, snack, storytime, circle time, a mix of children- and teacher-led activities, skills development and rest time (for those that stay for extended day). 

The preschool years are full of growth and change. It is a time when children start to develop a sense of their own competencies, intelligences and skills. A warm, nurturing learning environment is essential for them to build confidence and self-esteem and discover the joy of learning.

Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K program (also known in some schools as DK or TK) is designed to prepare children for kindergarten in all the ways needed - from their social, emotional and cognitive development to their academic skills. Our aim is for our children to have the skills and tools to thrive in the elementary school environment where independence, responsibility, self-advocacy, resilience, confidence and a joy for learning are essential for continued success. Our curriculum remains play based because we know that this is the optimal way for young children to process and internalize new information, concepts and skills. We have high expectations of all our children while understanding that each has individual strengths and interests to be nurtured and different areas of need. Through exploration, inquiry and lots of opportunities to discover, process and reflect, we provide a rich, stimulating and nurturing pre-k experience.


At the end of the pre-k year, our children move on to a range of public, independent and parochial elementary schools ready to take on any challenge presented to them.

Spanish Immersion Program

Our Spanish Immersion Program offers children our high quality preschool experience combined with the opportunity to learn Spanish in an immersion environment. Led by experienced native Spanish language teachers, the program includes all the essential elements of our play-based preschool program while immersed in the language and cultures of Spain and Latin America.

Our Spanish Immersion Program includes an additional enrichment program such as soccer, yoga, art or music taught in Spanish when possible.

This program is available to children in our older classrooms.

The program runs Monday –Friday, 2:15 – 4:15 pm (with the option to extend through 5:00pm).

Extended Day Program

Our extended day program offers care for any child that stays into the afternoon. This program combines the children into multi-age groups for inside and outside play, snack, storytime and circle. 

For children who stay for our extended day, we offer a variety of optional enrichment classes for a small additional cost. Each class is 30 - 45 minutes long with up to 12 children. Teachers are professionals and experienced with working with young children. Our recent offerings include: yoga, martial arts, soccer, music, cooking and jazz, hip hop and contemporary dance and ballet.

Parent & Me

Our Parent & Me Program welcomes children the year before they are eligible for our preschool program. Children attend with a parent one morning a week to learn and play in our a warm, inviting preschool setting. Children are able to play freely in the classroom experiencing all the activities on offer. They can express themselves through art and music, participate in circle time and socialize with other children. The morning also includes a parenting group for enrolled parents led by the director. Together, we explore parenting challenges and touch on topics such as toilet training, nutrition, setting limits and becoming the parents we each want to be.

8-10 week sessions/90 minute classes. Both parents are welcome to attend.

Participation in our Parent & Me program does not guarantee enrollment in our preschool. To be eligible for the Parent & Me program, you must have toured the school and submitted an application to the preschool.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp runs for 5 weeks, Monday – Thursday from 8am – 3pm from mid-June through mid-July. Each week has a different theme such as water play, science, art, around the world and cooking. Children can attend any week or all weeks. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, learning experience for children whatever their interests. Only children currently enrolled or coming into the school can attend our Summer Camp.