Our Journey to Sustainability

*Due to COVID this program has been temporarily stopped.*

WPC Preschool recognizes its role and responsibility with regards to the environmental concerns affecting our planet. Two years ago, we embarked on a journey that increasingly focused our attention on sustainability and a reduction of our negative impact on the environment. Every year, we review our progress and work to add to it. Our efforts so far have included using glass cups and plates instead of paper, using stainless steel utensils instead of plastic and reducing our use of single use plastics such as water bottles, cups and plates for events. We have also made a commitment to only use single use plates, utensils and napkins that are compostable when reusable items are not feasible. When ordering new materials, toys, and resources for our children we assess the best environmentally positive option based on each item's intended use, durability, safety and cost.

Along with these efforts we ask that families in our community do their part. We expect them to use reusable containers, avoid single use plastics, and be conscientious about what items they bring into school during birthdays and special events.

When working with young children it is important to help them be mindful of their impact on the environment without creating fear and alarm. Research shows that children that interact and connect regularly with nature develop a love and respect for it ensuring a thoughtful stewardship of our environment in the future. To this end, we work to incorporate nature into our daily curriculum, exposing our children to the natural world, bringing them out into it and bringing it into our classrooms.

As our journey continues we are always looking for input, feedback and ideas about ways to improve and what to do next. If you have any thoughts or what to know more about our Journey to Sustainability, please contact us at wpcpreschool@westwoodpres.org.